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Q: The question I have is about the colour mask. Once you've changed the colour of the lineart to match the skin, is there a way to make different sections of linework have different colours?

A: RE: making different sections different colours. Well the way I do that is to duplicate the coloured mask a couple of times once a section has been coloured (eg: say you have set up your SKIN layer mask and coloured it BROWN, then duplicate the entire layer mask and place it above the first one. Now LOCK the first one so mistakes do not occur in the next step, then change the colour of the NEW copy to a lighter (or darker) tone - THEN get your eraser and put it on fuzzy edge, 100% opcaity, and ERASE the bits of the NEW layer that you want to keep in the ORIGINAL colour (meaning that the bits you erase, will appear the colour of the underneath layer, and the bits you don't erase will appear the new colour.)

This way I can make certain bits darker or lighter to match what the 'light' is doing in a picture (shadowy bits have a darker lineart, highlighted bits have a lighter lineart) -

I also like to make the OUTERMOST lines black for emphasis however this is done a little differently:

in this case I make a copy of the skin layer mask **(let's call this copy the OUTER LINES LAYER so when I mention it later you will know what I am talking about) - and then if I need to add things like pants or hair or whatever (as they are not part of that layer) I goto the layermask which has pants (or whatever on it) and I HOLD CTRL and CLICK on the 'pants' layermask on the layers menu - this will SELECT everything in the 'pants' layermask which I am clicking on - you can do this with any number of layers at the same time by HOLDING SHIFT as well - (holding shift lets you ADD an extra selection to the current one)

so what you will be holding is SHFT, CTRL and CLICK on the layers you want to add to your selection (practice this a bit, it is easy)

So I would add the skin, pants, hair and any other layers that have an outline that is one of the outermost lines THEN, while all those things are still selected, I make sure that my ** OUTER LINES LAYER IS SELECTED (the new copy of the skin layer we made at the beginning) and then I get my SOLID DOT brush at 100% and you will see that painting it over the selection means that wherever the selection is, new filled lines will appear - I only fill in all the way round the edge so that the OUTERMOST LINES are filled. If I go over and get some bits that I did not intend to, I clean them up with the eraser later so don't worry if it is a bit messy now.

Once you have filed all your outer lines,deselect everything and zoom right in , now go round and remove any branchy bits that are not outermost lines with your eraser so only the very outermost lines remain. Now make them BLACK and that's going to give you a nice defined edge. of course this is only 1 of millions of techniques you may choose to use depending on what you like to do. I like black outlines however plenty of people prefer the more realistic 'painted' look where the outlines are barely visible - do what suits your style best but just be aware of the different things you CAN do as it gives you flexibility.


WOW! A DD on this! I am really amazed and a bit embarrassed since this is a fairly old tutorial and I have learned so much more about linearts sine then.

Thankyou everyone for using this tutorial and thankyou to MzzAzn and ^FantasyStock for suggesting and featuring it. I really appreciate your support :heart:

Now I feel really bad that I never got around to completing the fineline section of this tut. (I will update it one of these days - just... gotta... find.... time.... GAH!!!

PLEASE NOTE This file is now quite big - it may take a little while to load. Sorry about that.

:below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below:

PLEASE NOTE ALSO The new section on inking has 3 parts but I have only finished the first two, so the 3rd button (on fineline pen) does not work yet.

:above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above:


In this tutorial you will learn how to make:

Colour adjustable lineart with a transparent background

- No more scungey grey edge pixels!
- Adjust the lineart colour at any stage so you can tone it to match your colouring stage
- Transform your pre-inked scanned originals into colour adjustable lineart
- Transform your ratty PENCIL scanned originals into less ratty solid, colour adjustable lineart

Link to the pictures used to make this tutorial:

[link] - Kakuzu

[link] - 5 Ronins

You can see multi-layered coloured lineart in action in these pics</b>

This Tutorial and all illustrations within `Tetsuk0
Please do not re-distribute in any way without prior permission from me.

Daily Deviation

Given 2011-03-07
TUTORIAL - Coloured Lineart V5 by *Tetsuk0 -- Suggester's words: Wow! This was so helpful to me as I am trying to learn how to digitally ink and I also ink in traditional mediums! I hope it helps out many other deviants who just want more tips on lining their works! ( Suggested by MzzAzn and Featured by FantasyStock )
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